Frequently Asked Questions

I have some roadmaps, do you accept donations?

Yes, we do but only after a board member has reviewed and approved the maps that would be donated. Many maps, even though decades old map, do not have enough value to offset the expense of mailing them to us. If you mail to us without getting approval we will not reimburse you for shipping. Each year, all donated maps are offered for sale at our annual meeting at the $1 map table, and the proceeds go to support the Road Map Collectors Association activities.

If you have maps you would like to donate that we have approved, you may send them USPS Media Rate to:

PO Box 478
Rowlett, TX 75030-0478

We will reimburse the USPS Media Postage only if you request.

I have some maps, what are their value?

Appraising map values can be tricky.   Several resources such as eBay can be used to see what prices maps have been sold for recently.  Most collectors prefer the Oil company maps which tend to have a higher value, depending on if a more uncommon company, or older than the 1950s.  State officials, AAA, Auto Clubs, and other types do not have as much value unless very old, and a collector specifically desires a particular map. However, there are collectors of these types.

Can I offer maps for sale to your organization’s members?

We are a group of collectors, and not set up to trade, or buy and sell maps online.   If you have any specific maps you have to sell, we can pass your offer on to our members. We do not get involved in any transaction.

I have some old maps and looking for a collector in my area that would be interested in them?

Please tell us the city and state in which you are located, and if possible,  give us some idea of the types of maps you have.  Perhaps this would be an oil company name, a state official, an AAA, or other issuer, and, if possible, an idea of the year.  To tell that, look for a population census at the beginning of the city list, a date in the map legend, or a series of letters and or numbers along the bottom of the map.  These help a collector assign a date. Finally, let us know how many maps you have.  We will pass your information on to see if someone interested.

How do I get a new password, I lost mine?

If you remember your user name you can click Lost Password to reset your password.  If you don’t remember your username, send us your e-mail address and we’ll send you a reset password link.