Frequently Asked Questions

I have some old maps. Would anyone be interested in these? Also, what are they worth?

As a non-profit organization, we are unable to provide appraisals. However, condition and age are major factors in determining value. There is little collector interest in most recent AAA maps and National Geographic maps, which exist in enormous quantities. Although some older tourist maps and brochures can be collectible, we are not the best market for these, nor topographic maps from the US Geological Survey.

If you decide to try to determine values for your road maps, eBay can be a good resource for that. But be careful, as you will need to use that correctly to determine a realistic value. First and foremost, be sure to look at completed items, not items that are currently being offered – anyone can ask whatever price they want to for something on eBay, so many items sit for months on end with no buyers since the asking prices are too high. Secondly, a single complete sale may not be a reliable indication of value. For various reasons, it sometimes happens that something will be shown as being sold for an unrealistically high price. So, it is best to find at least two or three (or more) examples of the map in question, or one very similar to it, before deciding on a value. It is beyond the scope of this note to explain how to search for completed items on eBay, but if you are unfamiliar with that process you should be able to find ample guides on how to do so by doing an Internet search.

If you allow, we can pass your note and contact information to our members. It is even possible that a member lives or is visiting near you. Optionally, you can join our mailing list, not restricted to members [], and offer them for sale yourself. Other options include eBay or similar online auction groups.

If you are a collector of maps and would like to join our club, then please visit our page for Registering.

If you would like to donate your maps to our club, your postage plus the valuation of the maps may be tax deductible, we will provide a receipt. As a non-profit, we are not able to reimburse postage. To decrease your postage costs, if you give us an idea of what you have, or photos of map covers, we can better advise you on how to proceed.

Common map donations are auctioned or sold on a dollar table at our annual meeting to help defray our operating expenses such as web hosting and publication of our newsletter. Thank you for thinking of us!

To contact us about a possible donation, click here and complete the message box.

I am unable to log onto the club website as a member. Who can help me?
I lost my password. Who can help me?

If you remember your user name, you can click Lost Password to reset your password. If you don’t remember your username, send us your e-mail address via this form, and we’ll send you a reset password link.

I enjoyed your display at the Hershey Antique Auto Club of America Museum. Can I donate financially to support keeping this updated or other similar projects?

Of course! We appreciate financial support, which is tax-deductible. Please click here to contact the proper officer in our organization.