New Jersey



The early New Jersey road maps listed here are not what one normally would think of as a traditional road map. They consist of red lines showing improved roads overprinted on a base map by the N.J. Geological Survey. However, the title block includes the names of the Commissioner of Public Roads and the Supervisor of Public Roads, so they have been included on this list. Also, there are indications that the maps have been removed from a book or cardboard cover.  At least one edition, 1901, was included in the “Eighth Annual Report of the Commissioner of Public Roads.”

The 1929 version with J. L. Bauer is noted on a map from the General Drafting archives as being the issue of Sept. 1929.  It is not known in what month the W. G. Sloan edition was issued.

Maps dated 1955 through 1964 are in the format of a 16-page booklet, with sections of the state highway map on different pages. The dimensions of the booklet are 8.5 x 11 inches, which then folds in half to the dimensions listed below.

In addition to the regular issue maps listed below, “Highway Maps” have also been issued in recent years. These maps contain the same cartography as the “Official Highway Map”, at a slightly smaller scale. They fold up to approx. 7″ x 9.5″, and often are found inserted into tourism brochures. These maps are not detailed here.

The date of the 1997 map has been confirmed by NJDOT. John Haley took office in 1997.

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Latest updates: 5/2/18-added 2012, 2014, 2015; 6/8/22-added versions for 1929

New Jersey Maps:

1900; dtd lgnd; no cvr, printed one side only; unfolded 27 x 39

1901; not dtd but included in 1901 report of public roads; no cvr, printed one side only; unfolded 27 x 37
1903; dtd lgnd; bw txt cvr; 4.5 x 9.25
1907; dtd lgnd; no cvr, printed one side only; approx. 5 x 8
1910; dtd lgnd (also 1909); otherwise same as 1907
1911; dtd lgnd; otherwise same as 1907
1912; dtd lgnd; otherwise same as 1907
1913; dtd lgnd; no cvr, printed one side only and fabric backing; 27 x 46
1919; dtd cvr; bw txt cvr with st seal; 3 x 7
1922; dtd cvr; bw txt cvr with seal at top; 2.75 x 7
1923; dtd cvr; otherwise same as 1922
1924; dtd cvr; bw txt cvr with st seal; 4 x 8
1925; dtd cvr; bw txt cvr with st seal; 4 x 8
1926; dtd cvr; bw txt cvr with st seal; 4 x 7.5
1927; dtd cvr; different border, otherwise same as 1926
1928; dtd cvr; different border, otherwise same as 1926
1929; dtd cvr; different border, otherwise same as 1926

     [2 known versions: {“W. G. Sloan”}, {“J. L. Bauer”} State Hwy Engineer on cvr]
1930 A; dtd cvr (Apr 25); bw txt cvr with st seal; 3.25 x 8.5
1930 B; dtd cvr; bw dwg of Native American man’s face within map of NJ; 3.75 x 10
1931; dtd cvr; otherwise same as 1930 B
1932; dtd cvr; otherwise similar to 1930 B
1933; dtd cvr; otherwise similar to 1932
1934; dtd cvr; otherwise same as 1933

1935; no map issued (New York Times, 6/30/35)
1936; reported by PC
1937; dtd cvr; otherwise similar to 1930 B
     [2 known versions: {1936 & Corrected to May 1, 1937 on cvr}, {just 1937 on cvr}]
1939; dtd cvr; blue tint bw aerial photo “Freehold Traffic Circle – Routes 4 and 33”; 4.25 x 9.25
1939 B; dtd lgnd; no cvr, printed one side only; unfolded 20 x 36
1941; dtd cvr; blue tint bw photo “Thomas A. Edison Memorial Bridge/Perth Amboy”; 3.5 x 9.25
1946; dtd cvr; blue tint bw photo of st cptl dome; 3.25 x 9.25
1955; dtd cvr; clr dwg of compass rose (booklet format); 5.5 x 8.5
1960; dtd cvr; clr photo of Atlantic City beach scene (booklet format); 5.5 x 8.5
1961; dtd cvr; clr photo of cars on divided hwy (booklet format); 5.5 x 8.5
1962; dtd cvr; clr dwgs of hwy signs – I95, US 22, etc. (booklet format); 5.5 x 8.5
1964; dtd cvr; clr aerial photo of urban fwy (booklet format); 5.5 x 8.5
1967; dtd map code (OO-590-J-X1); clr collage of transportation dwgs; 4 x 8.75
1968; reported by PC
1969; dtd cvr; 5 transportation themed clr dwgs inside state outline; 4.25 x 8.75
1970; dtd cvr; clr photo of Gov. Cahill; 4 x 8.5
1972; dtd cvr; clr aerial photo of fwy along river through hills; 4 x 8
1974; dtd cvr; clr photo “Island Beach State Park”; 4 x 8
1976; dtd cvr; clr collage of Revolutionary War dwgs; 4 x 8
1977; dtd cvr; otherwise same as 1976
1978-79; dtd cvr; clr photo of train crossing bridge; 4 x 8
1980-81; dtd cvr; clr collage of transportation dwgs; 4 x 8
1983; dtd cvr; clr dwgs of Statue of Liberty and several people; 4 x 8
1984-85; dtd cvr; clr dwg of st cptl bldg roof & dome; 4 x 8
1986-87; dtd cvr; clr dwg of Statue of Liberty “New Jersey’s First Lady”; 4 x 8
1988; dtd back cvr; clr photo of mill and pond behind flowers; 4 x 8
     [2 known versions: { }, {Jim Florio, Gov. sticker on back}]
1990-91; dtd back cvr; clr photo “Barnegat Lighthouse”; 4 x 8
1992; dtd cprt; clr photo of hwy, river and hills; 7 x 9.5
1993-94; dtd back cvr; clr photo of hot air balloons; 4 x 8
     [2 known versions: { }, {Gov. Whitman sticker on bk cvr}]
1995; dtd back cvr, cprt (1994); clr photo of autumn trees and people in canoe; 4 x 8
[1997]; dtd cprt (1994); same as 1995 exc John Haley replaces Frank Wilson on back cvr, and 1995 removed
1998; dtd cprt; clr painting of lighthouse; 4 x 8
     [2 known versions: {hwy 94 missing between Monroe and NY state line}, {hwy 94 added}]
2000; dtd cvr; clr dwg of clocks; 4 x 8
2002; dtd cprt; clr photo of capitol dome with American flag in background; 4 x 8
2003; dtd cprt; otherwise same as 2002
2004; did cprt; otherwise same as 2002
2007; dtd cvr; clr photo of man walking dog on beach, “Holgate, NJ”; 4.5 x 8.5
2009; dtd cvr; otherwise same as 2007

2012; dtd cvr; clr photo of large sailboat; 4.5 x 8.5

2014; dtd cvr; otherwise same as 2012

2015; dtd cvr; otherwise same as 2012