Maps prior to 1925 were issued periodically to show the progress on state roads as a result of The Sproul Road Bill, which was passed on May 31, 1911. These are known to exist in two sizes – a full-sized map at approx. 56 by 35 inches, and a half-size at approx. 28 by 17.5 inches. Some are also mounted onto a linen backing. Regular issues for the public began in 1925.

A separate list has been created for the State Publicity Comm./Dept. of Commerce issued maps.

The map listed below as [1957] is the same as the 1956 issue, with a different cover. It is not known for sure if this map was issued for the year 1957, but it seems likely as no other 1957 issue has been discovered. Since Ben Franklin was born in 1706, the map with the “250th Anniversary” logo seems likely to be the “true” 1956 issue, while the other 1957, even though it is still copyrighted 1956. It’s also possible that there were two issues in 1956, and none in 1957.

In addition to the difference noted below for 1984, 1986 and 1987 maps, the “Transportation” maps contain a mileage chart and numerous city insets on the reverse side of the map, whereas the “Tourist” maps contain city insets only for Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, with the rest of the space devoted to listings of tourist attractions. The 1997-98 map is called the “Official Transportation and Tourism Map.”

Variations of the Department of Transportation map from the 1980s also exist in the form of a Truckers Guide and a Bicycling Guide, which are not listed here.

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Pennsylvania Maps:
[c.1911-12];not dated; no cvr, printed one side only
1916; dtd lgnd (Jan 1); no cvr printed one side only
1919; dtd lgnd (Nov 1); no cvr printed one side only
1920; dtd lgnd (Sep 1); no cvr printed one side only
1921; dtd lgnd (Dec 31); no cvr printed one side only
1922; dtd lgnd (Jun 1); no cvr, printed one side only
1924; dtd lgnd (Jun 1); no cvr printed one side only
1925; dtd cvr; bw txt cvr with st seal; 3.75 x 8.25
1926; dtd map title (Apr); otherwise same as 1925
1927; dtd map title (Jun); otherwise same as 1925
1928; dtd cvr; otherwise same as 1925
1929; dtd cvr; otherwise same as 1925
1930; dtd cvr; otherwise same as 1925
1931; dtd cvr; otherwise same as 1925
1932; dtd cvr; otherwise same as 1925
1933; dtd in txt (…temporary map…pending issuance of 1934 map.); no cvr, printed one side only; unfolded 17 x 21.5
1934; dtd cvr; bw dwg of st cptl bldg; 4.25 x 8.75
1935; dtd cprt; same cvr dwg as 1934; 3.75 x 8
1936; reported by Pennsylvania DOT
1937; dtd cprt; clr dwg of st cptl bldg; 3.75 x 8
1938; reported by Pennsylvania DOT
1939; dtd cprt; clr dwg of colonial man & cars on hwy; 3.75 x 8
1940; dtd cprt; otherwise same as 1939
1941; dtd cvr; clr dwg of Betsy Ross sewing flag; 3.75 x 8
1942; no map issued per Pennsylvania DOT
[c.1943-5]; 1941 map with Gov. Martin sticker (his term was 1/19/43 to 1/3/47)
1943; no map issued per Pennsylvania DOT
1944; no map issued per Pennsylvania DOT
1945; no map issued per Pennsylvania DOT
1946; dtd cvr; clr dwg “Independence Hall, Philadelphia”; 3.75 x 8
1947; 1946 map with Gov. Duff sticker (his term was 1/21/1947 to 1/16/1951)
1948; dtd cprt, clr dwg of st cptl bldg; 3.75 x 8
1949; dtd cprt; clr dwg of cars on hwy under very large tree; 3.75 x 8
1950; dtd cprt; clr dwg of colonial man with scroll “Fellow Pennsylvanians…”; 3.75 x 8
1951; dtd cprt; clr dwg of state seal; 3.75 x 8
1952; dtd cprt; clr dwg of cars on hwy by river, “Pennsylvania Has Everything”; 3.75 x 8
1953; dtd cprt; clr dwg of boy & dog looking at hwy with “Penna. 20” sign; 3.75 x 8
1954; dtd cprt; clr dwg of state flag; 3.75 x 8
1955; dtd cprt; clr dwg of colonial man pointing at map; 3.75 x 8
1956; dtd cprt; clr dwg of Ben Franklin in keystone “250th Anniversary…”; 3.75 x 8
[1957]; dtd cprt (1956); clr dwg of state seal in keystone; 3.75 x 8
1958; dtd cprt; clr photo of 4-lane hwy thru forested hills in autumn; 3.75 x 8
1959; dtd cprt; clr photo of cars on hwy bridge; 3.75 x 8
1960; dtd cprt; clr photo of hwy bridge over railroad & river; 3.75 x 8
1961; dtd cprt; clr photo of fwy interchange with many overpasses; 3.75 x 8
1962; dtd cvr; clr photo of divided hwy around hill; 3.75 x 8
1963; dtd cvr; clr aerial photo of fwy exit in country; 3.75 x 8
1964; dtd cvr; 2 clr photos of hwys in forested hills; 3.75 x 8
1965; dtd cvr; clr photo of Schuylkil Expressway at night; 3.75 x 8
1966; dtd cvr; clr cartoon dwg of car, flowers, & mtns; 4 x 8.5
1967; dtd cvr; clr aerial photo “U.S. 322, 22 along Juniata River west of Amity Hill”; 4 x 8.5
1968; dtd cvr; 3 clr photos (mtns, beach, hwy bridge); 4 x 8.5
1969; dtd cvr; clr photo collage (photo of city, old keys, etc.); 4 x 8.5
1970; dtd cvr; clr photo of river thru trees; 4 x 8.75
1971-72; dtd cvr; clr photo of divided hwy in st outline; 4 x 8.5
1972-73; dtd cvr; clr photo of freeway interchange at night; 4 x 8.5
1973; dtd cvr; clr photo of fwy thru rock cut; 4 x 8.75
1974; dtd cvr; clr photo of fwy in country; 4 x 8.75
1975; dtd cvr; clr photo of Independence Hall; 3.75 x 9.25
1976; dtd cvr; clr photo of Liberty Bell over Declaration of Independence; 5.75 x 9.25
1977; dtd cvr; clr photo “The Golden Triangle, Pittsburgh”; 6 x 9.5
1978; dtd cprt; clr photo “Laurel Run Reservoir, Mifflin County”; 6 x 9.5
1979; no map issued per Pennsylvania DOT
1980; dtd cprt; clr photo of hazy sunset over mtns; 5.75 x 9.25
1981; no map issued per Pennsylvania DOT
1982; dtd cprt; clr photo of downtown Philadelphia street at night; 3.75 x 9.25
1983; no map issued per Pennsylvania DOT
1984; dtd cprt; clr photo of Pittsburgh skyline; 3.75 x 9.25
     [2 known versions: {black letters & “Transportation Map” on bk cvr},
     {white letters & “Tourist Map” on bk cvr}]
1985; no map issued per Pennsylvania DOT
1986; dtd cprt; clr photo of st cptl dome at dusk; 3.75 x 9.25
     [2 known versions: {black letters & “Transportation Map” on bk cvr},
     {white letters & “Tourist Map” on bk cvr}]
1987; dtd cprt; clr photo of Independence Hall; 3.75 x 9.25
     [3 known versions: {“Tourist Map” on bk cvr},
     {“Transportation Map” on bk cvr & “Issued for Free Distribution”},
     {“Transportation Map” on bk cvr & no “Issued for Free Distribution” message}]
1988; no map issued per Pennsylvania DOT
1989 A; dtd cprt; 4 clr dwgs representing 4 seasons; 3.75 x 9.25
1989 B; dtd cprt; clr photo “Spectacular Capitol Rotunda, Harrisburg”; 3.75 x 9.25
1990; no map issued per Pennsylvania DOT
1991; dtd cprt; otherwise same as 1989 B
     [2 known versions: {“Printed on Recycled Paper” w/logo on bk}, {no recycled paper message}]
1992; no map issued per Pennsylvania DOT
1993; dtd cvr; 2 clr dwgs (family by fountain, 2 skiers); 3.75 x 9.25
1994; no map issued per Pennsylvania DOT
1995-96; cprt (1995); clr photo “Hunsecker’s Mill Bridge – Lancaster County”; 4.25 x 7.75
     [2 known versions: {dtd cvr, tan border & US 220 on map},
     {not dtd cvr, blue border & I-99 on map}]
1997-98; dtd cvr; 6 clr photos; 4 x 9
     [2 known versions: {“Give em a Break” on back of map},
     {“Give em a Brake” on back of map}]
2000; dtd cprt; 6 clr photos on blue-gray bkgrd; 4 x 9
2002; dtd cprt; otherwise same as 2000
2003; dtd cprt; 6 clr photos on blue bkgrd (FLW house, Liberty Bell, carnival, deer, kids with wagon); 4 x 9
2005; dtd cprt; clr photo of woman in convertible with a map; 4 x 9
2006; dtd cprt; clr photo of couple on a bench watching a kayaker; 4 x 9
2007 A; dtd cprt; clr photo of man drawing sidewalk mural with Pittsburgh skyline in bkgrd; 4 x 9
2007 B; dtd cprt; clr photo of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater home; 4 x 9
2009; dtd cvr; clr photo of horse drawn buggy and Civil War Trails road sign; 4 x 9
2010; dtd cvr; clr photo of Johnstown from the inclined plane; 4 x 9
2011; dtd cvr; clr photo “A view of Independence Hall”; 4 x 9
2012; dtd cvr; clr photo of kayaker; 4 x 9
2013; dtd cvr; clr photo a cannon at Gettysburg battlefield; 4 x 9
2014; dtd cvr; clr photo of a 10-string Harp Guitar made by C. F. Martin & Company, Inc. of Nazareth; 4 x 9
2015; dtd cvr; clr photo of a two-lane roadway in the fall; 4 x 9
2016; dtd cvr; clr photo “Liberty Street, Franklin, PA”; 4 x 9
2017; dtd cvr; clr photo “Ohiopyle St. Park, Laurel Highlands”; 4 x 9
2018; dtd cvr; clr photo “Kinzua Bridge St. Park”; 4 x 9
2019; dtd cvr; clr photo of skiers taking a selfie; 4 x 9
2020; dtd cvr; clr photo of the Blue Rocks boulder field in Berks County; 4 x 9

Pennsylvania State Publicity Comm./Dept. of Commerce Maps:
1937; dtd back cvr; 4 bw photos (waterfalls, road, gate, river valley); 4 x 9.25
1938; dtd map title; clr photo of flowering tree; 4 x 9.25
1939; dtd map title (1938); otherwise same as 1938 with Gov. James overprint on cvr
1940; dtd cprt; clr photo of woman taking picture; 3.75 x 9
     [3 known versions: {Sec. Brown on cvr}, {Sec. James sticker on cvr}, {no Sec. name on sticker}]
1946; dtd cprt; clr photo of woman sitting on rock in forest; 3.75 x 9
1947; same as 1946
     [2 known versions: {dtd bk cvr with 1946 cprt}, {dtd cprt (1947)}]
1948; dtd cprt; otherwise same as 1946

Pennsylvania Dept. of Conservation/DNR/Dept. of Forests & Waters/etc. Maps:
1922; dtd lgnd (Jun 1); no cvr and printed on one side only; unfolded 29 x 18
1932; dtd cvr; bw txt cvr / Recreational Map; 3.5 x 8.25
1946; dtd cprt; bw photo of forest / State Forest and Recreational Map; 3.75 x 8
1951; dtd map title; clr photo of waterfall / State Forests and Parks; 3.75 x 8
1952; dtd cvr; bw txt with st seal and printed one side only exc for cvr on back / Sportsman’s Map; 4.75 x 8
1974; dtd cvr; clr photo of fwy in country / Fishing and Boating Map; 4 x 8.75
1980; dtd cprt; clr photo of fisherman in boat / Fishing and Boating Map; 5.75 x 9.25
1980; dtd cprt; clr photo “Ricketts Glen State Park” / State Parks Recreational Guide; 5.75 x 9.5
1993; dtd cprt; clr photo of people on a beach / State Parks Recreational Guide; 5.75 x 9
1996; dtd lgnd; clr photos of fisherman in boat and sailboats / Fishing and Boating Map; 4.25 x 7.75
1997; dtd cprt; clr photo of mountains covered with trees / State Parks Recreational Guide; 5.75 x 9.5
1998; dtd cprt; clr photo of canoe on lake shore / State Parks Recreation Guide; 5.5 x 9
1999; dtd lgnd; clr photos of fisherman in boat and truck towing boar / Fishing and Boating Map; 4.25 x 7.75
2000; dtd cprt; clr photo of picnic area in autumn / State Parks Recreation Guide; 5.5 x 9
2002; dtd cvr; clr photo of a bird sitting on a branch / State Parks Recreational Guide; 5.5 x 9
2004; dtd cvr; clr photo of waterfall in Ricketts Glen State Park; 5.5 x 9