Third RMCA Road Map Auction

Auction Rules

The RMCA receives a substantial number of offers of road maps from the general public, primarily through our website. A “Donations Team” consisting of RMCA members Judy Aulik, Stan DeOrsey, Mark Greaves, Wayne Stitt, Tom Sveum and Chris Turner was formed to handle these offers, and answer other questions that people write in with. Most of the donated maps end up on the “Bargain Map Table” at the annual MapCon, but better maps are offered to the entire RMCA membership via auction. Bidding is open to RMCA members only.

Auction Procedure

The auction will commence as soon as newsletters are received (projected to be approximately March 15, 2024, but may vary depending on recipient’s location). The minimum bid for all lots will be $5 except as noted, and bids must be in even dollar amounts. Shipping charges will be calculated and winning bidders informed after the close of the auction, so that multiple wins by the same bidder can be combined to lower shipping costs. Only actual postage amounts will be charged.

All bids must be emailed to with subject “RMCA Map Auction #3.” There will be no bidding by mail or telephone. Bids must be received by midnight on Apr. 1, 2024 (Eastern Time). If two bids are the same, the earlier time stamp is selected. Only RMCA members may bid but may bid multiple times. The current bid amounts will be posted via roadmaps-l on a regular basis, probably weekly to begin with but then more frequently as the end date approaches. After these amounts are posted, then any subsequent bids must be at least one bid increment higher – $1 for lots under $50, and $5 for lots at $50 or more.

Anyone who does not subscribe to roadmaps-l may inquire as to the current bid status by emailing to Bidders are encouraged to submit their best offer(s), as winning bids will be reduced to one bid increment over the next highest bid. In other words, you will only have to pay your full bid price if someone else bids close to your bid. No buyer’s premium or any other fees are added to the winning bid. Unsold maps are saved for the Bargain Map Table or reentered in a future auction. No maps are to be sold at a fixed price.

The newsletter editor and members of the donations team may bid. However, their final bids must be at least one week prior to the auction closing time so as to avoid any unfair advantage from knowing where the current bids stand near the ending time.

Paying and Mailing Maps

Once the auction is complete, winners will be notified by email. Maps will be mailed to the successful bidder after payment is received. Payment may be made by PayPal (to within three days of the auction ending, or by check to be received within two weeks, mailed to treasurer Tom Francis at 12 Fitzgerald Dr, Annapolis, MD 21401. Maps will be mailed to the winners within one week after payment is received.

Auction results will be published in the next issue of The Legend.

Download Copy of Auction Rules

Auction Maps

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