Donate your maps (or cash)

Can I donate some old maps to the Association?

If you have found some old road maps, especially ones issued by gas stations, other oil companies or state highway departments, you may like to donate them to us, as we’re a non-profit organization. What’s more the value of any maps donated plus your postage is tax deductible and we can provide you with a receipt showing what was donated, although by law we are we are unable to to reimburse postage, and cannot advise you on the value (and suggest that looking at items that have sold recently on eBay may help).

If you would like to contact us first, to see if we are likely to be able to use the maps you have found, please feel free to ask anything about them of our donations committee by using the form below. If you give us an idea of what you have, for example by including scans or photos of map covers, this could help mimimise your postage costs. Please note that there is little collector interest in most recent AAA maps and National Geographic maps. Although some older tourist maps and brochures can be collectible, we are not the best market for these, nor topographic maps from the US Geological Survey.

There’s more information about our non-profit status and tax deductibility on the Taxes and Your Donations Page, and information on how to offer maps for sale to club members is on the frequently asked questions page.

Where can I mail donated maps to?

You can mail maps to:

Road Map Collectors Association
c/o Wayne Stitt
10113 Cutter Drive
North Chesterfield, VA    23235

Common map donations are auctioned or sold on a dollar table at our annual meeting to help defray our operating expenses such as web hosting and publication of our newsletter. Thank you for thinking of us!

How can I make a financial donation?

To contact us about a possible financial donation, please use the same form above to contact the proper officer in our organization.

How can I contact the Association about something else?

Please use our Contact Us Page.