It is believed that the following represents a complete listing of all official highway maps for the state of Hawaii. Many maps from the 1990s are also stamped on the front cover, “Compliments of State of Hawaii Department of Transportation”

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Last updated: 12/31/14 (meg)

Hawaii Maps:
1963; dtd cvr; bw aerial photo of Honolulu & Diamond Head; 4.25 x 9
1967; dtd cvr; clr aerial photo of Honolulu; 4.25 x 9
1970; dtd cvr; clr photo of bldg; 4.25 x 9
     [2 known versions: { }, {…map provided courtesy of American Airlines}]
1981; dtd cprt; clr dwg of beach and mtn; 4.5 x 10.75
1988; dtd cprt; clr photo of kid looking at flowery statue; 4.5 x 10.75
1992; dtd cprt; clr photo of coast thru trees; 4.5 x 10.75
1995; dtd cprt; clr photo of surfer and tree at sunset; 4.5 x 10.75
1999; dtd cprt; clr photo of Waikiki Beach & Diamond Head; 4.5 x 10.75